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Email Marketing

What is eMarketing:

EMarketing is based on a series of strategies and actions of marketing totally focused on Internet, generating a great advantage that results in a investment of much smaller money in comparison with the traditional means like the press, the radio, the television and / or the billboards.

These strategies and actions include Marketing Campaigns by email or Email Marketing, Search Engine Positioning and Social Networks.

eMail Marketing:

EMail Marketing is the easiest, most effective and convenient way to keep your customers or contacts informed about your products and / or services.

This allows you to maintain a permanent contact with your customers and prospects using eye-catching and professional communications via email, thus strengthening your relationship with them.

The reason why email marketing is better than a regular email to contact your customers is because you can follow up immediately after being sent.

Monitoring and Reporting.

With the reports generated you can know who read the email, who clicked, who forwarded it to their friends and other options.

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