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Customer Relationship Management

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CRM is software designed exclusively for the management of your company. It adapts easily to the operation of any company and allows managing the establishment in an organized and precise way.

CRM is a tool whose main purpose is to allow companies to manage the relationship with customers through the administration of information.
Having the information of the customers on time and in a correct way makes the difference since when a company has the exact information at the right time, the customer experiences a good feeling, making their loyalty immediate, thus increasing the competitive advantage.

In addition, the CRM system allows the visualization of the information in reports with real and updated data, as well as the indicators necessary for the company to make the decisions.
Finally, with these concepts, Netweb Global developed the NWGCRM Software, allowing companies to manage their information with CLOUD COMPUTING or Cloud computing technology that enables them to offer computer services over the Internet.

NWGCRM Modules

  • Customers

    This module is the most important, since it allows to have accurate information of each client, buying habits, date and time of transactions and more. You can create, edit, list using different search criteria and delete clients..


    In this module you can create, edit, list using different search criteria and delete personnel when accessing BMS within the company.

    Products / Services

    This module allows you to list the products and / or services that have been entered through the CMS.


    Through this module you can generate summary and detailed reports of transactions in a range of dates. It includes a cash box report in which you can establish how much money is in cash, and the total amount of each of the cards in a range of dates.

  • CMS - Content Management System

    This content administrator allows the website administrator to keep the information of the products and / or services updated as it can be added, edited, updated or deleted from anywhere because it is done online.


    It allows to create different lists of clients to be able to send campaigns of marketing; These lists can be exported to the program that manages eMarketing so that the information is consistent. Optionally you can store campaign statistics to measure campaign effectiveness.


    It allows you to rank and track prospects until they become customers. Generating quick and practical listings of them.


    It allows you to keep track of all the incoming calls and associate them with the clients to be able to follow up.


    It allows to book the appointments of the clients by users. Allows you to print the appointment calendar in weekly and daily time ranges.

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